About the blogger

Hi, I’m Taylor! I’m a junior public relations major at Kent State University. I am a lover of Buzzfeed, Parks and Recreation and anything travel related. I am currently a PR intern at Flash Communications. After spending a semester abroad throughout Europe, I found a passion for intercultural communication. In hopes to expand my passion, I plan on blogging about current events and PR trends around the world. To read about my travels throughout Europe, visit my personal blog or follow my tweets.

About the blog

Global PRessroom was created in February 2016. The overall mission of Global PRessroom is to analyze how PR trends and news are changing and seen with a global perspective. The goals behind this blog are to: expand knowledge and share opinion and or insight. Not only do I, as a blogger, hope to expand the knowledge of PR in general, I hope to expand the knowledge of what’s happening across the globe and be able to relate to PR as a growing field. I also hope to be able to share my opinion and insight on certain news related topics and PR trends, and gain opinions and insights from my viewers.